I am a dad to three wonderful unschooled children. As a young boy, I fell in love with a typewriter, a cassette recorder, a glue stick, and paper. The results were handmade newspapers and audiobook stories. A few years later, this passion of mine turned into a profession. I became a journalist in Berlin and learned all about editing, screenwriting, and interviewing people…

I founded YoungCre8ors for all those kids and teens who love creating just as much as I do!

My sessions are no place for dry old-school teaching. Instead, it is a welcoming space for kids and teens to explore their creative ideas in a respectful environment. I am here to share my skills, supporting the journey from idea to a finished product, but it’s the participants who shape the makers’ space.

The results are stunning and I don’t just mean the products but also the individual growth that happens when kids and teens are able to express themselves creatively.

Join my sessions, have fun and become a young cre8or! Connect with me on LinkedIn!

We all appreciate the dedication
and creativity you put into your work and mentoring wholeheartedly.”

Jaimee Salonen


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In today’s culture creative disciplines are too often underrated. Even though numerous studies have shown that in tomorrow’s world it is not (just) the academic knowledge that will make young people stand out from the crowd. Being able to work well in a team, find creative solutions to problems, ask creative questions and look at the world and its challenges with a flexible, creative mind –
those are the skills no robot can perform.

This website was cre8ed by my 15-year-old son.