Courses starting this autumn again:

First Design in Procreate

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Vibrant colours, personalized brushes, easy animations, and endless options! Cre8 like a pro and show your unique style in this course for beginners!

Cre8 Your First Film

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Making a film is like storytelling. In this course you’ll discover all the essentials for cre8ing your story. No experience needed. Feeling cre8ive?

Cre8 a Silent Short Film

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Can you tell a story without any spoken words? Impossible, you think? How about joining the brilliant early film directors and cre8 silent short films?

The workshop was very fun.
I liked that the children could
come up with the whole story themselves. My highlight was
that it looked like a real film set!
Thank you for the exciting weekend.”



Warm, friendly, and engaging are the words that captivate the energy in Torsten’s learning environment. His facilitation style enables all students to find not only a love for filmmaking but a passionate mentor who is dedicated to his sharing his love for film and journalism with students.”

Kelly Davis

Co-Founder Kubrio (former Galileo)

Torsten has a great way of breaking things down so that they are understandable while always maintaining light and fun. His way of teaching is making difficult things easier so that one can understand and remember everything.”



Cre8 Some Cool Effects

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From disappearing through time portals, and turning people into cats, to cloning yourself for a sci-fi film! You will Cre8 all this and much more in this live course!

Cre8 Your Podcast

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There are about 1.75 million podcasts live worldwide. What topic would you choose for your first podcast episode? Learn all the skills you need to broadcast yourself!

Mars Adventure

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Are you prepared for our arrival on the red planet? We will set up a colony and start to organize our new life in this strange new world.

Cre8 a Stop Motion Film

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Dancing Lego, racing matchbox cars or playdough creatures going for an adventure – what will happen in your stop motion film? Come, explore and cre8!