Mars Adventure

Starting this Autumn.

Are you prepared for our arrival on the red planet? We will set up a colony and start to organize our new life in this strange new world.

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This live course is an interdisciplinary experience. We are going to blend science with sci-fi, ethical viewpoints with controversial hypotheses, and possible forms of government with the real needs of a community. It is a thought experiment, but one that may become reality in the near future. The challenges of colonising a new world, defining forms of coexistence, and ensuring the survival of the community.

Together we will explore the important aspects of setting up our colony on Mars. Whether it’s about housing, food, and air production or the society we want to establish, we will seek answers together.

Do we need a constitution? What kind of jobs would people do on Mars? And what about people who will be born on Mars, will they also get Earth citizenship?

Here’s what you will learn and do:

  • Becoming familiar with the technical, physical and emotional needs for a journey to Mars
  • Learning fun facts about planet Mars
  • Gaining an understanding of living conditions on Mars
  • Gaining an understanding of structuring society from scratch and functions inside a community
  • Interactive games on operating a Mars Rover and setting up communications links between Earth and Mars
  • Designing your Mars station
  • Exploring tools and devices to produce oxygen
  • Becoming familiar with ethical questions and concepts
  • Working out the differences between science and sci-fi and gaining an understanding of where both areas overlap
  • Becoming a better team player

Suitable for kids and teens aged 10 to 16.

6 live sessions, 60 minutes each:

The next course will start this autumn.

All live sessions will take place on Zoom. Students will receive the session link prior to the course.

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Mars Adventure
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 by Clair Prince

Torsten is an incredible educator. He taught my 3 children over the last few years. I totally recommend Torsten and his courses.